People are coming to know Jesus and accepting him as their Lord and Savior. That is the sole purpose of Christ Reaching Asia Mission Worldwide.  CRAM shares that message in many different ways.

Bacoor City is located just outside the capital city of Manila, in the Philippines. Here lies a forgotten slum community of people who search daily for food, shelter and medical help.  You will find children who do not attend school and have no way of escaping the cycle of poverty and poor health.

In 2014, Sang Ho and Lisa Kim began a CRAM mission work with the people of this community.  As they share food, shelter, and medical help with the people of Bacoor, Sang Ho and Lisa Kim have the opportunity to share with them the love of Jesus.  Small crowds became large crowds and mistrust melts into trust.

Today, CRAM not only cares for the physical needs of these people but also the spiritual needs of more than 1,000 people who attend five new churches in Bacoor. Hundreds have committed their lives to Christ and have been baptized.  Disciples are being made. Hearts are won, and the tide of despair is turning to hope.

CRAM Worldwide, Sang Ho, and CY Kim share a God-given vision to establish four new churches each year, led by CRAM trained nationals who preach, teach, and disciple. Each church will serve as a hub for community outreach through children’s ministry, child sponsorship, mother and baby wellness programs, medical clinics and vocational training. The outreach programs make the community stronger and spread the name of Jesus. As each new church matures, they will naturally help to plant other new churches. Little by little this community, city, and nation will change for Jesus!

Will you help plant a new church? Through your prayers and financial investment of $2,750 per month for three years, your partnership provides the resources needed to purchase land, build a church & community center, pay a church planter, serve the community through better living conditions, medical clinics, children’s programming, and make available an education to 50 children.

Your gift of $2,750 per month or whatever God leads you to give, helps plant a new church in the Philippines! Please encourage and invite other churches, organizations, friends and family to help plant a church together. You are part of the story! You will be amazed at how God will use every dollar to transform lives without hope.

Through you Jesus will shine his light into the shanty homes of Bacoor City and forever change the hearts and the lives of generations to come.

God wants to bless the Philippines through you! Will you join us?