“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)

Through our Hunchun Special Education School, we are able to meet the educational needs of approximately 100 mentally and physically handicapped children between the ages of 8 and 17. Work skills are taught as students work at our Good News Bakery, and our Hippotherapy Program uses horses to help disabled children with balance, muscle tone, and development of motor skills and coordination. If you would like to help them continuously thrive at Hunchun Special Education School, please click here.


Good News Bakery: Where students of our Hunchun Special Education School are trained in the making of sweet rolls and other delicious bread (this is one of the job-training opportunities provided to our students). The students make 6 different types of breads at the bakery. Many of the breads are given to Hunchun Special Education School and the Northern Country. If you would like to help more kids being fed with a piece of bread, please click here.

Burning Heart Ranch: The Ranch occupies 245 acres of land. It is located in a mountainous region 45 minutes outside the city of Hunchun. The ranch is home of the Hippotherapy Program which involves the use of horses with disabled children to improve the children’s self-esteem, balance, muscle tone, and development of motor skills and addition to being fun! If you would like to help more children regain their health through riding horses, please click here.

Hope Farm: Hope Farm is 30 minutes outside of Hunchun city limits. We raise cows and grow crops, such as corn and soybeans, on this property. We have been able to birth and raise healthy cattle in Hunchun and ship them into the Northern Country for our farm in there. This is a way for CRAM Worldwide Inc to raise healthy cows for the starving people. We also allow local farmers who are Christians to adopt a cow from us, so they can breed the cattle. All we ask from them is to return the first born calf as their payment. If you would like to help us give more cattle to the local Christians, please click here.

Yangpao Orphanage and Ole Folks Home: This building is presently under construction to be a home for 30 orphan children and senior adults with disabilities. Construction is being finalized on the inside, and we hope this facility will be up and running very soon. Please join us in prayer for provision of financial support and progress needed to complete this project! In the mean while, the Howe’s has built a “little home” for three children: Genny, Stephen and William. If you would like to help us finish this orphanage and ole folks home, please click here.